Prediction 0005 :: Africa Will Be Bought Out


A day is fast approaching when the demand for the resources of the African continent will sweep aside diplomatic concerns. The first attempt on these resources was the colonization of most of the continent. The most notable result of this movement was the creation of loosely held national identities and the adoption of western languages across the continent. In terms of making productive use of the minerals, oil, and timber which are sometimes abundant across that great land mass it was largely a failure.

The next attempt will be entirely different in both means and ends.

Great road building projects will be undertaken by beneficent countries proclaiming a wish to help. These roads will reach from major port cities to industrial concerns in the interior of the continent. They will be hailed as great humanitarian efforts. Little attention will be paid to the fact that fleets of trucks from the same beneficent countries begin moving along these roads.

Demand for what Africa holds–demand perhaps for nothing more than empty space–will reach a point that sidestepping, cajoling, or simply fooling African governments will become simply a predictable cost of doing business.

Today’s political climate is severely inhospitable to the concept of empire. What will happen to Africa will be an economic colonization. It will be called cooperation. It will be called humanitarianism even.

UN officials riding in white Landcruisers across African highways will see a nomadic herdsman standing under a tree. They will someday realize what has taken place and declare that he has been “marginalized” since he profits in no way from the vast oil reserves beneath his feet. The fact is that he was standing there 1,000 years before anyone knew there was any oil there. He was standing there when they built the new road to ship it to the coast. He will be standing there when the oil has been all taken. And he will probably be there when the road has crumbled and been forgotten. No one marginalized him. No one could. He was never involved.

The truth is, this can hardly be called a prediction. It is under way now. I will give a clue–China. Here, then, is my prediction. The guise of humanitarianism under which this second colonization will be taken out will last no more than 15 years.


One Response to “Prediction 0005 :: Africa Will Be Bought Out”

  1. The Sage Says:

    African riches remind me of a honeycomb full of rich sweet honey but guarded by nests of mean bees. I understand that 7% of our oil comes from Nigeria, but at the high cost of having to fight over it. I wonder if some of this activity will actually tame some of the anarchy and ultimately bring some prosperity and sense. Whatever happens, Africa is a tempting and ripe fruit, begging to be picked.

    Have you seen “Blood Diamond?” Have you read my novel? It’s kind of a “what if” thing.

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