Bomb Attack in Nairobi


On 11 June, 2007 there was an explosion at a bus stop in downtown Nairobi. One person was killed and 39 others were injured, according to the The Daily Nation. Motives are unknown, but details suggest the explosive device went off unexpectedly. It is thought the man or men carrying it were trying to board the bus.


2 Responses to “Bomb Attack in Nairobi”

  1. hannah Says:

    oh goodness. have you heard if all your friends are safe?

  2. toby Says:

    Well, I haven’t heard much yet. The man who died (the victim) was a taxi driver, so I didn’t know him. It’s a big city, so it’s likely I didn’t know any of the injured. It makes me unhappy for Kenya as a whole.

    I am convinced that without the violence and corruption it would slowly become a paradise on earth.

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