The fact of the matter is that my 29th birthday passed yesterday. I am basically 30. On this we all agree.

I want to give a big thanks to all the people who turned out for the festivities. I was touched.

I also want to give a thanks to the Huffmans for hosting and womanning the grill. And a big thanks to Holly for the  many efforts she invested. I also want to note that Holly produced what lives in my mind as the finest carrot cake ever made. Like a shooting star, it appeared and disappeared so suddenly that one had only the savor of wonder to convince them it had happened at all.

I may never eat carrot cake again. Perhaps being freed forever from one confection is the best kind of birthday present.


7 Responses to “29”

  1. The Sage Says:

    If you are starting out and at the end of this year you are 30, then you are now 29 and counting. What’s wrong with you people? Are you in a hurry to be a 30-something? Savor the moment. You will never be in your twenties again.

    The cake was indeed a savory morsel. Ask her next time if she can do the same with rhubarb. Or how about tomatoes? Avacado. Let’s have an avacado cake. What? Where is your imagination?

  2. mike Says:

    ’twas indeed the carrot cake by which all other carrot cakes shall be measured. i gained 2.9 pounds in honor of your 29th. i think THAT is the best kind of birthday present.

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    Speaking of food…. has the waffle quest ended???

  4. hannah Says:

    missed the cake, maybe there can be a small revival? happy birthday friend.

  5. kristen Says:

    thanks for turning 29. glad we could celebrate with you. that cake was delectable.

  6. mike Says:

    sorry hannah. donna made me eat the last quarter of the cake.

  7. toby Says:

    Delectable! What a great word choice! Sorry you missed out Hannah.

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