Tomorrow morning (being the 16th of May) an AIM-Tech team sets out for Lokichoggio, Kenya. We are heading there by plane. The assignment is to complete roofing of a home for a missionary couple called the Fungs. What will be expected on this safari?

Survey says:

Along for this safari is a mutual friend of James and I. Marty Gurry was a professional accountant in Nairobi about the same time I was with AIM-Tech. He has taken a break from a world tour he is on to go burn himself up in Lokichoggio. We are glad to have him. Bernard Otieno and Peter O’dour have gone ahead to Loki today. I am very excited as this will be the first time I have worked on a safari project with both of my best Kenyan friends. It should be fun.

Flights have myself and James returning to Nairobi on 24 May. Then I will have about 30 hours or so to say kwaheri once again to the unlikely mixture of ferocity and sweetness that is Kenya.


2 Responses to “Lokichoggio”

  1. toby Says:

    And we’re off!

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