Bound for Kapsowar


Jim and Laura Propst and I will depart AIM-Tech at 0700 hours, 1 May, Kenya time.

Kapsowar, in Northern Kenya, is our destination. The distance is 400 Km. By my previous experience, this is an ambitious distance for one day’s travel, but Jim is confident. The roads are Tarmac nearly the whole way. This is fortunate, for the way the truck is loaded can only be described as colossal. Ford never intended this.

The project is a small and simple roof. An AIM-Tech classic.

I will be out of contact for the next 8 days or so. You can all stop refreshing this site 6 times an hour like I know that you do. Until I get back that is.

Anyway, this is the heart of what I came to do, and I’m looking forward to it.


3 Responses to “Bound for Kapsowar”

  1. toby Says:

    There is a hot new dream over at dream collector!

    warning: FUNNY!

  2. The Sage Says:

    May Day, dude, not April Fool’s. You are a month off. May Day is a traditional day of revolutions. Go out and do something revolting (just kidding).

    We miss you. Wish we had a number to call. But, it’s just twenty days. Go ye and preach the gospel in all the world. I saw where Sarah is going to preach in Uganda. What you’re doing may be easier.

    We love you. Pray for you. Onward!

  3. toby Says:

    Woof. Good eye, Dad. There, I corrected it. How embarrasing. Well, now I’m off!

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