The vehicles which had been intended to carry AIM-Tech members from Lokichoggio to Sudan are said to be both in states of disrepair. This combined with heavy rains in the area have caused the team to reconsider the departure date for the project. Next week is now considered likely.

 This should be okay as far as my schedule is concerned. I may spend the intervening days working on trusses for a future project.

 I am glad to report that everyone here seems well. Life is seems pretty swell in Kabete at the moment. Bernard has become an accomplished welder, and is frequently employed not only in the shop, but on safaris as well.


2 Responses to “Delay”

  1. katia Says:

    from loki to sudan… I am offically jealous. Well, it seems things are still the same over there :) When you travel through Lodwar, wave at all the kids for me! Btw: I have a 9 for my Uganda thesis. Have fun over there!

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    doing something you love in a place you love… sounds pretty fantastic to me! Africa is full of surprises, when you are young this makes for a great adventure! Stay inspired… xoxo

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