Back to Where I Once Belonged


I am pleased to report that I am now situated at AIM-Tech. I arrived and passed customs without incident. Kiswahili has already come into play again. I am functional but klunky in the language–not a big surprise. The team departs for Lokichoggio on the 20th. Reports are that rains have been very heavy and the roads may be difficult.

Is it too much to say that I have a sense of profound reassurance about my decision to return on such short notice? Much like the first time I came to Kenya, I find myself in a mixture of intense excitement and deep calm.

Against all odds, the Middletons arrived at AIM-Tech a few hours before I did. Sometimes it seems as though life is conspiring to make you happy.


7 Responses to “Back to Where I Once Belonged”

  1. johnraux Says:

    bro! i hope you are well.. i am about to leave on my journey at the end of this week.. and you on yours… didnt see it coming…at least not so soon. anyways.. i made an alcohol stove out of v8 cans and it boils a pot of water in about 6 min… you would be stoked. my heart and mind goes with you. grace and peace bro.-johnraux.

  2. hannah Says:

    my mind is spinning… be safe and it is good to hear you say you are happy.

  3. The Sage Says:

    I thought happiness was like you made it in Hollywood and had a major contract for a movie with spin-offs. Or maybe you just landed a bazillion dollar business on the Internet. Or your rock band just went quadruple platinum and you are slated to tour the globe for the next fifty-five years.
    Or you won the biggest lottery in history, the global lottery, and reeled in 1.5 trillion dollars before taxes. You don’t get it, do you?

    Happy you made it, son. We all love you madly. Watch out for Guinea worms and killer bees. Eat a termite for me (goes great with a slab of camel ribs).

  4. mike Says:

    way to go, toby. i’m proud of you… and a bit envious.

  5. Leigh Ann Says:

    So happy to hear you are more than well!!! Have a blast, see you when I see you!! xoxo LA

  6. brett Says:

    tobes – i didn’t even know you had up and gone back to africa until i saw the e-mail! hope all goes well with the project – i’ll look forward to hearing all about it soon.

  7. jmac Says:

    “Sometimes it seems as though life is conspiring to make you happy.” – best blog sentence I have ever read. Miss your body Tobela.

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