On the Backhoe


“At one time in my life, fairly early, there was nothing in the world more beautiful to me than a backhoe. It seemed to me to combine the appearance of machine and dinosaur, which was almost more than I could take. If my understanding is correct, a backhoe’s primary purpose is the movement of large quantities of earth. I can only suppose you have taken your yard obsession to a new height. Congratulations or sympathies are probably in order. Take your pick.” -Toby Lunn, excerpt from email from Toby to Jeff, dated 11 May 2004




3 Responses to “On the Backhoe”

  1. The Sage Says:

    I remember when I was a kid ~ long ago & far away ~ when the big Caterpillars came to our zone in Denver. I mean, to a six-year-old, they were gonzo-awesome. To climb up on one and imagine driving it. And those puppies moved. What could stop them? So why doesn’t everybody own one of those things? Better than a SUV. Need to move? Load that sucker up and head out on the highway. This would be the way to go make it happen/ Take the world in a love embrace / Fire all of your guns at once / Explode into space.
    You could start a Cat-gang: The Yellow Rebel Catterpillar Club (YRCC). Nobody would mess with you.

  2. Rustin Says:

    Holy tornado! That thing is cool!

  3. Toby's Wet Dream « AlmostEverything Says:

    […] The title of this blog post may offend some of you. But after seeing one of Toby’s favorite machines’s distant cousin personafied as a swimmer, my actions are […]

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