Mike Crabb’s PUNch-Out


Recently my understanding of pun was challenged by both Mr. Mike Crabb, and a Mr. David Huffman. My favorite type of joke is of the kind I describe as “question and answer.” I was of the understanding that this type of joke was different than what I thought of as the pun proper. My criteria for a proper pun were basically as follows:

1. It occurs in natural discourse.

2. It does not require a setup, fictional or otherwise.

3. It involves the use of homynym.

It turns out I was wrong on the first two counts. So, my beloved question and answer jokes ARE puns.


6 Responses to “Mike Crabb’s PUNch-Out”

  1. The Sage Says:

    Not time to punt on punning.

    The pun is really the highest form of wit known to the human race.

    You can do so much wit it.

  2. toby Says:


  3. Rustin Says:

    Very punny.

  4. toby Says:


  5. mike Says:

    it feels good to make headlines.

  6. Mary-zy Says:

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