Cranberry = Garlic?


After enjoying a glass of cranberry-raspberry juice yesterday evening, I came to a realization about the cranberry. In juice form, the cranberry is delightful when combined with most any other fruit. Oddly enough, I find cranberry juice on its own nearly undrinkable. This reminded me of a similar property of garlic. Garlic tastes really great in a wide variety of dishes but if you are anything like me, you can’t stand it on its own.

My question to you the public is as follows. Is the cranberry nothing more nor less than the garlic of the fruit world?

2 Responses to “Cranberry = Garlic?”

  1. The Sage Says:

    I have no idea. But I think it is like the squid of the fruit world.

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    Tart does not = Pungent

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