My Eye Color


I have received varied opinions about it in my life. I thought maybe the power of the internet could give me a final word.


What color is this:

toby eye



8 Responses to “My Eye Color”

  1. clark Says:

    i don’t know, but pretty cool that i can see you in your pupil.

  2. mike Says:

    WOW clark — you’re right! there’s little eye-toby holding a camera. pretty sweet shot. and i’ll go with “greenellow.”

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    Groldorgeous (green/gold/gorgeous) of course after looking at your EYE, I thought of myself… (how silly is that??? It’s all about me!) as people are always asking me what color are my eyes???

  4. vikkie Says:

    green, what is the question?? It is green for sure!!

  5. toby Says:

    Vikkie comes in first with a straight up answer. That’s what I love about her. Vikkie, would you believe that both my driver’s license and mother claim that my eyes are blue?

    Leigh Ann, you are making me blush.

  6. katherine Says:

    in this photo: green.
    in person: baby blue-like the clear, sunny and warm florida sky…

    How’s that snow treating you?

  7. The Sage Says:

    Are you sure this is an eye or a thousand-year-old egg?

  8. jmac Says:

    ‘late spring green’

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