The deck is the blue jeans of the American house. Discuss.


10 Responses to “Deck”

  1. jmac Says:

    you pay for what you get

  2. hannah Says:

    what if you prefer the porch?

  3. jmac Says:

    it won’t be around in 50 years…

  4. brett Says:

    the deck will fade into obscurity long before blue jeans say goodbye…

  5. toby Says:

    The next time you are putting on your jeans, maybe you should think to yourself, “my body is my house, and now I am building a deck onto it.”

  6. mike Says:

    my jeans have a built-in hot tub and recessed lighting.

  7. Leigh Ann Says:

    If your jeans are too tight, should you build a larger deck?

  8. toby Says:

    Mike, I’m not even sure I want to know.

    Leigh Ann, I believe it is advisable in that situation to shrink your house. How are those wrists of yours doing?

  9. jmac Says:

    maybe your jeans are too tight because you have a larger deck. huh?

  10. Leigh Ann Says:

    Toby, as you know, my wrists are SLIM & SLEEK. (Havent we all observed and made this same comment? LOL) Thanks for remembering!!

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