10 Cents


The lights of the house dimmed. I heard an angry hum. I knew immediately that a large electric motor was in the house, and not working properly. I rose from my desk to find Jeff attempting to use our in-sink-erator. It was not cooperating.

I was tasked by our home’s overlord to repair the device. I have a reputation for this sort of thing. I can sometimes become relentless. I’m a big believer in open standards. I take “tamper-proof” screws personally. I look at them as a physical manifestation of the cult of obfuscation. I can and will crush them into compliance with vice grips.

It seemed to me that something was obstructing the rotation of the grinding surfaces in this “badger-5” model garbage disposal. Turning the motor shaft by hand eventually convinced the machine to spit out the offending body. It was a dime.

Once the truth was out, the finger pointing began, as is often the case. I submit that the mode of entry for the coin could very well have been rolling. I know that I am not in the habit of handling change over the sink. I have also not yet reached financial standing such that I attempt to dispose of 10 cents.


5 Responses to “10 Cents”

  1. Lardawg Says:

    my hero.

  2. kristen Says:

    8 days ago our in-sink-erator starting making a strange noise. would you be willing to take this fish-out-the-offending-body show on the road?

  3. jmac Says:

    if there’s a dime in our sink, we’ll let you keep it.

  4. toby Says:

    McClains, I will be in Florida from early tomorrow through Sunday afternoon. After that, I would be willing to make an attempt on your device. I will warn you, some of my techniques probably void warranties.

  5. Leigh Ann Says:

    I showed this entry to Tom, he said he usually takes a broom handle or wooden stick and “makes” the machine finish “grinding” the offensive body… the most money he has seen was a penny… Who got the dime?

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