Prediction 0003 :: Immersive Reality


I submit that the real end of the world as we know it will come neither from war, nor global catastrophe. The real end of the world will come from a virtual reality experience. Long before human technology allows us to leave our solar system, or even solve our own environmental dilemma; we will reach an alternative to ever dealing with real problems or challenges again.

One day a virtual reality experience so convincing will be reached that a human being is no longer able to differentiate it from reality. I want to suggest that this is a technology we should actually fear. Never mind robot armies, never mind nano-technology plagues, never mind global warming, never mind nuclear holocaust, never mind cloning; for now. This WILL eventually happen. Humans will en masse give up their physical existence to effectively become gods in their own universes.

The problem with keeping humans satisfied, titillated, and entertained is that the only way to reach their minds is to go through their bodies. The combinations of sound, light, pressure, and chemicals needed to produce the desired effects are notoriously hard to produce. If you haven’t played a video game in a while, you might be surprised at how close we are getting to cutting out the middle man. But don’t think it will stop with telling stories in different ways. Don’t think this will have anything to do with the alternate reality presented in “The Matrix” and its sequels. I imagine people who adopt this system readily would rapidly advance (or degrade) past the point of needing logical narrative in their existence. The mind of the user would enter a commune with it’s invented world in which desire is unimaginable. Any pleasure of any kind, perhaps Inconceivable to we who have not yet been plugged in, would be supplied at all times. Whatever chemical interaction would yield your most happiness would be your reality. It is an existence that might only be compared to the use of heroin.

Should you believe in God, I want you to consider that this is the final rejection a human could offer. This is effectively saying to a creative deity, “What you have made is not good enough, I am going to do better.”

Do you think that people will reject this idea because it is hollow? Consider that people have cloned beloved pets. Consider that people have already died playing video games. And the video games of today will have as little to do with what is coming as smoke signals have to do with video chat.

If this breach with reality frightens you, if this breach with morality disgusts you; I want you to consider that the real awfulness does not stop there. It won’t even matter if you choose to be part of the system or not. The day that an immersive reality which cannot be distinguished from reality by the human brain is created, is the day that humanity commits perhaps the greatest abomination conceivable. There will be no “reality” from that day forward, for how will any of us ever know again? We will have destroyed belief itself.


7 Responses to “Prediction 0003 :: Immersive Reality”

  1. david Says:


  2. mike Says:

    oh snap.

  3. jmac Says:

    can i wear blue jeans in my reality?

  4. toby Says:

    John, you could BE blue jeans if you wanted.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We already know what happens when someone chooses to live in a virtual world instead of the real world. Just ask a World of Warcraft addict. Oh wait, you can’t, because they are busy playing World of Warcraft.

    I’m afraid of the future’s sex machines. When virtual sex becomes better than real sex, what will happen to our reproduction, to our marriages, and to our society?


  6. deadbugs Says:

    What a dour, faithless, depressing and Godless view of the future. Yeah, like Father is just going to sit back, deist style, and let us roll. Whoever wrote this spends too much time with the dead and not enough time with Father and the living. Or maybe it’s a warning from Father to that person to watch themselves. Rejoice!

  7. lmulg Says:

    Good site!!!

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