The Sixth Sense


The expression “sixth sense” is often used to describe an ability to somehow sense the supernatural. This follows from the idea that human beings have five physical senses from which we take all normal information. Just for clarity, these are sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. I have long maintained that one’s sense of equilibrium should qualify as a bona fide sixth sense. This morning I learned that I am not alone in this belief. Apparently, modern scientists are of the opinion that humans have up to seven physiological senses.

I’ve always been fascinated by the senses possessed by animals which humans lack. If you could have the choice of any extra sensory organs, what would you like? Echolocation is tempting to me, but I have to go with magnetoception–the ability to sense magnetic fields. This is what allows birds to navigate by sensing the magnetic field of the earth. I imagine it like having a compass in your brain. Although if you were able to see in a broader spectrum of light, you might be able to read people’s moods really well by actually seeing their body temperature. That is tempting also.

Wikipedia is dangerous, mans. You can get lost in there.


8 Responses to “The Sixth Sense”

  1. hannah Says:

    way wiki man… i think i would just like to add the word “super” to all of my five, six or seven senses.

  2. jmac Says:

    oooh, not super smell. hannah, haven’t you read the book ‘Perfume’? not sure what i would want. i’m sure spiders have some cool senses. actually, i just want to be spiderman.

  3. Chris Says:

    If you are Wikipedia maniac and you are using a Mac – I do not understand people who are not both of these things – then you will absolutely love Pathway ( I have a sixth sense for finding cool stuff on the web!

  4. toby Says:

    Chris, beware pushing mac within this blog. Or anywhere near me. I try so, so hard not to care–to live and let live. I realize I identify myself as a nerd by having a strong opinion about choice of personal computer operating system. I realize that I alienate almost all of cool America when I do it. But every now and then, I come down on mac like a ton of bricks; angry bricks. It’s a button in me. A button which reads, “aerial brick delivery–1 tonne”.

    In the interest of friendly internet relations, I also submit that I agree with you absolutely on Wikipedia. It is maybe 13 times more entertaining to me than television. I also like how at any given moment, you stand a very small chance of reading complete lies. Which is a much better chance than you stand on the internet as a whole.

  5. mike Says:


  6. Chris Says:

    Toby, I’ll pray for you and your 1 tonne brick.

  7. mike Says:

    toby, i think he just pushed the button. i’m pretty sure he pushed it. bricks! bricks!

  8. toby Says:

    One day I was sitting with a friend watching television while a borrowed imac was authoring a DVD on a table behind us. The commercial came on in which the reality model guy representing the mac talked about the magnetic plug in the newer macs. At exactly the moment he said, “Everything is just sort of thought out”; the mac behind us ejected the DVD from it’s sidways tray. The DVD fell out of the tray, bounced off the table, and clattered on the floor.

    I also think about that statement every time I have to put a little towel over the keyboard to close my macbook pro. My PC laptop’s keys do not put scratches in its screen. That’s right, I own both, and strongly prefer one.

    Do pray for me Chris. I need help. I don’t even want to care about this. I can’t stop myself.

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