Excellent Start


First of all, I want to wish a happy 27th birthday to my boy Wiese. He’s all growns up. Secondly, I want to explain why it is not deeply pathetic that I am posting to the old blog in the wee hours of New Year’s Day. I do not consume alchoholic bevarages. This being so, when I go to parties with grown-ups I tend to drink a lot of Coca-Cola. When I will be able to go to sleep tonight is anyone’s guess.

I also want to offer a thanks to Stephanie Z. and all the folks who put on “The Party of the Year” for 2006. How can I explain how much fun I had? I was still dancing when the cops came. Does that make it clear? Thanks go out to the Lardog for maintaining the mix at the highest levels of both efficiency and funk.

Just before it was determined by the public that the dancing going on in the Royal Suite was too much for the law to allow, a young lady at the party took it upon herself to issue awards to the participants. I am fairly certain that she is not a reader of my blog. She determined that I deserved the ribbon you see at right.

Does anybody remember my resolution for 2007? Did I achieve it only 2 hours into the year?


10 Responses to “Excellent Start”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    You Rock!!!!!!! Your “New Year” has definitely started off in an EXCELLENT direction.
    PS: Your grandpa had a fab night as well, whild wearing his noble king hat he treated himself to pineapple upside down cake… fork in hand right off of the tray the whole cake was sitting on… We all loved it!!! (I guess you had to be there)

  2. toby Says:

    Leave it to Alvar to come in like royalty. The king does not ask permission to eat from the tray. He just DOES it.

  3. hannah Says:

    dang that was fast. although now you need to work on getting that rummikub score whittled back down.

  4. toby Says:

    146! 146!!!!!! There is NOTHING excellent about 146!

  5. wiese Says:

    thanks for the b-day shout out tobes. i have one question regarding your new year’s dance revolution–did the lawn mower make an appearance?

  6. jmac Says:

    I witnessed Tobela’s dancing the entire night, and I must say I was inpsired to be excellent in all things. Have you ever seen a torso like that move and shake for over 3 hours? I have.

  7. katherine Says:

    i can’t wait to witness these dance moves myself-i am ready to have my mind blown away.

  8. toby Says:

    The Toby dance machine is a lot like a lawnmower. I basically pull-start it, and then I let it run until it runs out of gas. Sometimes it runs smoother than others.

    I didn’t win my award for dancing. I was told it was for my precocious shoe/sock choice.

  9. hannah Says:

    precocious? seriously? i feel a little sick…

  10. toby Says:

    I think maybe you meant to say:

    Ah theenk ham koon to bay SACK!

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