My Best Christmas Gift


Somewhere; among the guitar picks, paper clips, exhausted D cell batteries, sewing needles, hundreds of varieties of ink pens, and other detritus that seems to fill every available drawer of my parents’ home; my father discovered what may be my favorite Christmas gift of all time.




Yeah, you read that right, “Juliane is born”; and the magic goes on from there. Leave it to my parents to record the birth of their child, keep the same cassette for FOUR YEARS, and use it to record the children again. Let’s just put it this way–we were not wealthy in those days. Now, I am not one to generally denounce products which are hecho en mexico, but this particular CERTRON high energy gamma cassette has seen better days. Yes it features “Normal Bias 120μ”, “Sec. Equalization”, and “USA materials”, but much of it sounds like an asthmatic dragon is juggling lawn mowers in the room. This is what 24 years of neglect and abuse does to a magnetic storage medium.

It was clear to me that this piece of derelict technology had carried its precious cargo nearly as far as it would be able. My answer to this problem, like so so many others, was–computer.


It took me over 2 hours to record the 1.5 hours on the tape. I foresee a long and painful process of noise removal in my future. But if you consult the downloads section, I think you will find my efforts will be well spent.

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3 Responses to “My Best Christmas Gift”

  1. jmac Says:

    AWESOME! made my day for sure.

  2. katherine Says:

    ” no… the Henry Bededa”, how adorable!

  3. Leigh Ann Says:

    you make me laugh inside and out…

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