Jounalistic Integrity Within a Blog



Being new to the blog world, I have little grasp of what responsibility I have as a blogger. While exploring the controls granted to me by wordpress yesterday; I noticed an interesting possiblity based on two principles of my blog controls. My idea hinges around my ability to edit a post at any time, and my ability to lock the comment section.

The foul idea which occurred to me is really just a prank. Imagine writing a post intended to deeply offend most of your readers. You let it sit a few days in hopes that some really saucy comments are posted. When you have some of these, you edit the post such that it is a personal debate over which is better: my little pony, or transformers. Then you add a final comment like, “Wow guys, I apologize. I didn’t realize that feelings ran so deep on this topic.” Finally you lock the comment section and publish the new post. Fun? Wrong?

6 Responses to “Jounalistic Integrity Within a Blog”

  1. jmac Says:

    if you watch the new trailer for the Transformer movie, there is a scene where they sneek in a My Little Pony. classic.

  2. hannah Says:

    hey man its your blog…

  3. hannah Says:

    you know, upon reflection, i think eliot and collette have that discussion quite frequently.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I am wondering if you’d be willing to mentor Jeff in order to develop merely “regularity within a blog”?

  5. mike Says:

    one time i changed jeff’s name to something derogatory after he left a comment on my blog. that was probably wrong.

  6. Leigh Ann Says:

    Ah Ha… we are related…

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