Prediction 0001 : Blue Jeans


I have something of a history of making predictions. I thought I would put them here in the old blog just to make them a little more permanent. I am starting with the following prediction because it always raises controversy, and it is also one I hope comes true.
The next time you are among a group of people in a casual setting. Look around you. Look around and realize that all of you, without exception, are wearing nearly the same trousers–Blue Jeans.

Without further ado here is my first public prediction:

Within fifty years, blue jeans will be out of style.

I said that!


11 Responses to “Prediction 0001 : Blue Jeans”

  1. mike Says:

    perhaps my favorite part of your prediction and joke series is that your numbering system includes a place holder in the thousands. now that’s ambition.

  2. jmac Says:

    classic. let’s just hope they don’t go out of style within the next couple of years…or i’m screwed. amen bitches!

  3. toby Says:

    Mike, consider the possibility that my numbering system isn’t in base 10. Just kidding.

  4. cranberries Says:

    i don’t agree with your prediction. i think they will/might be modified for comfort- as they have in the past. for instance, before, no jeans had spandex, they didn’t stretch. so i can understand how those jeans were very uncomfortable to wear, especially for the ladies. but now, you rarely find jeans that do not stretch. so toby, no, jeans will not be out of style. and i predict that you will cave and buy a pair. : )

  5. mike Says:

    toby, your comment caused my brain to explode.

  6. hannah Says:

    no way. cant stand by this one. or at the very least i plan to be unfashionable.

  7. toby Says:

    Well Hannah, when the army of robots from Japan marches out of the ocean and vaporizes anyone wearing denim with their eye lasers; don’t say you weren’t warned.

    Also remember that there was a time, not so long ago, when denim shorts seemed like a good idea. Where are jean shorts now?

  8. clark Says:

    toby, are you trying to say that these aren’t cool?

  9. toby Says:

    Clark, you will never get me to say that those aren’t cool. I would never say that.

    But those aren’t cool.

  10. katia Says:

    my prediction: VBT’s, marine blue, 2025

  11. toby Says:

    Katia, VBT’s would be the ideal replacement. The trouble is, I have only ever seen the one pair, which I bought by accident in a Salvation Army store 7 years ago. Perhaps I should invest in making VBT’s. Then I will be ready to make a fortune when the jeans wearers of the world finally wise up.

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