Line Rider



I am not exactly breaking news here, but this thing is just so profoundly HOT, that I have no choice but to link to it.

For Mac users, the game must be played on the internet. PC users have the option of downloading the standalone executable, which I strongly recommend.

Line Rider original site

alternate Line Rider download

Line Rider action on Youtube

one of my courses

I like to think of the tiny man as “Jean-Luc” or “Jacques”. His jaunty scarf has me convinced he is French.



10 Responses to “Line Rider”

  1. hannah Says:

    that course is hot, but what about his little hat? so frenchie.

  2. lawrie (bad man) Says:

    man that is a awsome course

  3. Joan Says:

    That must have taken ages, awsumness :p

    Where can i get this game?

  4. kenny Says:

    He has a little scarf that is also a red color(stating the all ready known)

  5. kenny Says:

    Lol look at me!!!!! I can type stuff

  6. kenny Says:

    you suck

  7. mark Says:

    is this on you tube

  8. fuck you Says:

    ok mr. line rider guy
    in the first place your probably like 40 years old still doing this at your moms house instead of making a living, you suck and i hope you go to hell and burn

  9. fuck you Says:

    o yeah i forgot to mention……
    fuck you kenny!
    you suck you cum guzzling little
    excuse for a mistake.
    go die cuz its not like anyone would care anyways

  10. toby Says:

    WOW. Welcome to the internet.

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